Cement Head

Cement Head is a large tubular equipment fitted to the top of a casing string to hold a cement plug before it is pumped down the casing during cementing operation. Sometimes, the bottom plug is launched before the spacer or cement slurry. The top plug is usually released from the cement head after the spacer (more…)

Casing Head

Casing head is the lower part of the wellhead that is almost connected to the surface casing string and provide a means of suspending and packing off the next casing string. It is a simple metal flange welded or screwed onto the top of the conductor casing or casing to form part of the wellhead. (more…)

Bit Breaker

Bit breaker as the name implies is a device apply to the bit placed on top of the rotary table used by the rig crew to prevent the bit from turning while the bit sub on top of it is being tightened or loosened. The opening you see on the photo is designed for the drill bit to (more…)

Bell Nipple

Bell nipple is a large short diameter pipe that is fitted to the top of a BOP (Blowout Preventer)to allow drilling mud to flow back over the shale shakers to the mud tank sometimes called mud pit. Bell nipple makes operations easier for the rig workers as its serve as a funnel to guide drilling tools into the top of the well. (more…)


An accumulator is a device used to create and stores the hydraulic pressure on a drilling rig needed to close a BOP (Blowout Preventer) valve when a blowout occurs. An accumulator is sometimes called a blowout closing unit or BOP control unit because of its function and also due to the shape of the cylinder behind the (more…)